Best Roses to Grow in Nevada!

Barbara Streisand (m) 7.6
Brandy (ab) 7.0
Brigadoon (rb) 7.9
Chrysler Imperial (dr) 7.8
Color Magic (pb) 8.2
Crescendo (pb) 7.9
Crystalline (w) 7.8
Dolly Parton
*Double Delight @ (rb) 8.4
Elizabeth Taylor (dp) 8.8
Firefighter (mr) 7.7
First Prize (pb) 8.9
*Fragrant Cloud (or) 8.1
Gemini@ (pb) 8.2
Ingrid Bergman (dr) 7.1
John F. Kennedy (w) 7.0
Let Freedom Ring (dr) 7.8
Marilyn Monroe (ab) 7.9
Memorial Day (mp) 7.7
*Mister Lincoln @ (dr) 8.8
Moonstone (w) 8.2
Neptune (m)7.5
Olympiad (mr) 9.1
Paradise (m) 8.3
Peace (yb) 6.8
Pink Promise (pb)7.6

*Secret @ (pb) 7.9
Signature (dp) 7.6
St Patrick@(my)7.6
Names in Red can be bought at your local nurseries


Rose names in black can be bought at on-line rose catalogs.  Just click below!

Color Classes
Ab: apricot blend
dr: dark red
dp: deep pink
dy: deep yellow
lp: light pink
ly: light yellow
m: mauve, mauve blend
mp: medium pink
mr: medium red
my: medium yellow
ob: orange, orange blend
op: orange-pink
or: orange red
pb: pink blend
rb: red blend
r: russet
w: white, near white,&white blend
yb: yellow blend
@ AARS winner * Fragrant

Bee’s Knees (yb) 8.0
Behold (my) 7.7
Child’s Play (w) 7.9
Daddy Frank (dr)
Dancing Flame (yb) 7.7
Fancy Pants (rb) 8.3
Fairhope (ly) 8.2
Giggles (mp) 8.8
Glowing Amber (rb) 8.0
Gourmet Popcorn (w) 8.7
Green Ice (w) 8.0
Hot Tamale (yb) 8.3
Incognito (m) 8.0
Irresistible (w) 9.0
Jean Kenneally (ab) 9.7
Jilly Jewel (mp) 7.8
Luis Desamero (ly) 7.7
Magic Carrousel (rb) 9.0
Magic Show (rb) 7.7
Marriotta (dp) 8.0
Miss Flippins (mr) 8.1
My Sunshine (my) 8.7
Old Glory (mr) 7.8
Popcorn (w) 8.1
Rainbow’s End @ (yb) 8.7
*Sweet Chariot (m) 8.4


Angel Face (m) 8.1
Chihuly (rb) 7.7
Cinco de Mayo ® 7.8
Colorific (ob) 7.7
Drop Dead Red (dr) 7.4
Easy Does It (op) 7.8
Easy Going (yb) 8.0
Ebb Tide (m) 7.4
French Lace @ (w) 8.1
Hot Cocoa @ (russet) 7.9
Iceberg (w) 8.7
Judy Garland (yb) 7.6
*Julia Child @ (my) 8.2
Ketchup & Mustard (rb)
Koko Loco (m) 7.5

Moondance (w) 7.8
Oh My (dr)
Playboy (rb) 8.1
Scentimental @ (rb)7.7
Showbiz (mr) 8.6
Sparkle & Shine (dy)
Sexy Rexy (mp) 8.7
Sun Flare (y) 8.3
White Licorice (ly) 7.6

Nicole (w) 8.9
Oh My (dr)
Passionate Kisses (mp) 8.2

While these are only a few suggestions out of the many roses that will grow well in our Desert Southwest, it is generally agreed that roses purchased at a retail nursery/garden center are superior to those found at discount nurseries or chain stores.  For those roses that hard to find at your local nurseries (especially the Miniatures & MiniFloras) there are excellent sources to buy roses on the internet.  Clink on the button to find on-line rose catalogs.  


6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


UNR Cooperative Extension 

8050 Paradise Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89123

​Anda (dr)
Cecile Brunner (lp)
Cl Cecile Brunner (lp)
Chatillon Rose (mp) fragrant
China Doll (mp)
Lullaby (w)
The Fairy (lp)
Verdun (r)
Wing-Ding (dr)

Names in Red can be bought at your local nurseries 


All Ablaze (mr) 7.4
Altissimo (red) 8.5
America @ (or) 8.3
Don Juan (dr) 8.2 fragrant

Fourth of July @ (red/white striped) 8.1
Joseph’s Coat (rb) 7.5
Night Owl (m) 7.6
Purple Splash (m) 7.7
Rainbow’s End (my) 8.0
Red Eden Climber 7.3
Soaring Spirits (raspberry/white stripe) 7.7

*Sombreuil (w) 8.8
The Charlatan (lp) 8.0
Valentine’s Day (dr) 7.9

Names in Red can be bought at your local nurseries

Abby’s Angel (dy) 7.7
Autumn Splendor (yb) 8.1
Butter Cream (my) 7.8
Charismatic (rb) 7.5
Dr John Dickman (m) 7.8
Dr Troy Garrett (dr) 7.9
Edisto (rb) 7.6
First and Foremost (pb) 7.5
Foolish Pleasure (pb) 7.8
Joy (pb) 8.0
Lo & Behold (dy) 7.5
Memphis Blues (m) 7.6
Memphis Magic (dr) 7.5
Memphis Music (rb) 7.8
Powerhouse (rb) 7.7
Power Point (mr) 7.6
Show Stopper (ab) 7.7

The Streak (yb)
Whirlaway (w) 7.7

About Face (yb)7.7
*Arizona @ (ob) 7.5
Ch-Ching (dy) 7.3
Cherry Parfait (rb)7.9
Crimson Bouquet (mr) 7.9
Crimson Glory (dr)7.6
Dick Clark (rb) 7.7
Dream Come True (yb) 7.5
Fame (dp) 8.1
Fragrant Plum (m) 7.8
Glowing Peace7.5
Gold Medal @ (my) 8.8
Love (rb) 7.1
Melody Parfumee (m) 7.8
Queen Elizabeth @ (mp) 6.3
Twilight Zone (m)
Names in red can be bought at your local nurseries.

National Rose Rating
10 Perfect 9.0 to 9.9
Outstanding 8.0 to 8.9
Excellent 7.0 to 7.9
Good 6.0 to 6.9
Questionable 5.9 to &below

​​South Valley Rose Society

is a not for profit club dedicated to growing, showing and educating about roses  in and around the greater Southern,  Las Vegas, Nevada.   501 (C) (3)


*Abraham Darby (op) 7.8
Ambridge Rose (ab) 8.1
Ballerina (mp) 8.7
Be-Bop (rb) 8.1
Belle Story (lp) 8.6
Carefree Beauty (mp) 8.6
Dark Lady (dr)
*Darlow’s Enigma (w) 8.3
Double Knockout (m) 8.0
Flower Girl (lp) 8.2
Glamis Castle (w) 7.8
*Graham Thomas (dy) 8.2
Home Run (dr) 8.1
Mary Rose (mp) 8.3
Midnight Blue (m) 7.3
*Molineux (dy) 8.0
*Outta the Blue (m) 7.9
Pillow Fight (w) 7.9
Red Ribbons (dr) 8.3

Sally Holmes (w) 8.9
Septer’d Isle (lp) 8.2
Tamora @ (ab) 7.8
Tequila Supreme (yb)
The Imposter (pb) 7.6
*The Squire (dr) 8.4
*Tradescant (dr) 7.9
Watercolors (yb) 7.6